Evil Spirits Removal in Bay area

Evil Spirits Removal


There are two great classifications of such forms of evil and demon spirits in Hindu mythology; one is created by the Gods during the creation of the world and thus brought into the world as demons or Gunas, soon after. The forms of evils and demon spirits in Hindu mythology depend on the cause and kind of death occurred to the individual. The mantra given below can be recited and then light an incense and then spread the smoke in each corners of all the rooms. This must be repeated daily until this is removed. "Om Namo Bhagavao Araho Santhijinassa Sijhashyao Me Bhagavayi Mahaavidyaa Santhi Santhi Pasanthi Uvasanthi Savvapaaavam Pasameo Thao-savva Sathaanam Dwapaya Chaoppayaanam Santhi Desegaamaagara Nagara Pattana- khedevaa Purisaanam Etheenam Napumsaganee Vaa Sawahaa". This mantra must be recited correctly 1008 times daily until the entity or entities departs. This can even be continued regularly to protect the house and any further ghosts coming in or the original one coming back.

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